7 Things You Can Do This Summer to Benefit Your Child Receiving Special Education Services

Are you glad that summer is finally here, and wondering what you can do to prepare for your child’s next school year? Would you like to learn about a few things you can do in the summer time that will benefit your child’s education? This article will discuss 7 easy to do things, that will help you prepare for your child receiving special education services, next school year.1. Get an independent educational evaluation (IEE) on your child. A lot of times it may take a while to get an appointment, so make the appointment quickly. An IEE can help you learn what services your child needs, if they have any undiagnosed disabilities, goals that need to be worked on etc.If your child has autism, try and get someone who is familiar with autism. You could start your child’s new school year on a good foot!2. Attend a training on special education issues especially on the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). Training opportunities can be found in your community, by calling different disability organizations. Try finding a parent information and training center (PTIC), every state has them.3. Read a book on special education advocacy. Amazon has a lot of them, including my own; Disability Deception.4. Try and meet other parents of children with disabilities in your area. Disability organizations in your area may be able to help you find a parent group. Also, try the Internet, lots of parent groups online!5. Go through your child’s school records, and organize them into binders for easy finding. Then you will start the school year with organized school records!6. After going through your child’s school records, determine if you need to beef up the documentation. Summertime is a good time to send letters so that your child’s record is well documented. Most special education directors or coordinators work year round, so are available to receive and answer correspondence.7. Take time to enjoy your summer and your child! A refreshed parent is more able to advocate for needed special educational services! Have Fun!By doing these things you will ensure that your child is off to a great start for next school year. Enjoy!

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